Scouting landscapes for inspiration - Castlepoint, New Zealand



I am a Wellington based ‘hobby artist’ who began creating gifts and small artworks from recycled timbers for friends, and leaving presents for colleagues. It wasn’t long before I began to experiment and create artworks to share and sell.

Still a hobby - full time I work as a Water Resource Scientist, hence my connection to rivers and landscapes. Prior to studying physical geography I spent a few years studying architecture, which I may have to credit for my appreciation of structures and shapes.

Working full time provides me the freedom to explore new ideas and mediums and create work off the cuff. All my works are hand made, and so unique (but time consuming).

Over the past two years I have exhibited at the New Zealand Art Show, the Christchurch Art Show and the Art Expo Nelson. I also exhibit at a gallery in New Plymouth, for which I create Taranaki inspired works.